etciuu coin


Your interactions are always rewarded with Etciuu-coins allowing you to climb the most popular fans table and receive special mentions and even visibility from your favourite influencer.

In the future, you’ll be able to use Etciuu-coins to purchase services and get unique rewards from both Etciuu and your influencers.

How to get them:
  1. If you receive an approval from the influencer you gain 5 Etciuu-coin
  2. If you receive a disapproval from the influencer you will be docked 5 Etciuu-coin
  3. If you have been following a specific influencer for at least 90 days, have opened at least 75% of the messages received and clicked on 50% of the links (only messages containing a link are counted) you gain 500 Etciuu-coin
  4. If you open a received notification you gain 1 Etciuu-coin
  5. If you click on a link contained in a message you gain 2 Etciuu-coin
  6. For every euro spent you gain 10 Etciuu-coins
  7. If you invite a friend who signs up to Etciuu you gain 10 Etciuu-coin
  8. If you complete registration you get 10 Etciuu-coin