Terms of Use

ETCIUU S.r.l., C.F. and VAT number 04966480750, with registered office in Via Colonnello Archimede Costadura n. 3, Lecce (LE), c.a.p. 73100, R.E.A. LE – 331957, Share capital € 10,817.75, fully paid , tel. +390249988295, e-mail info@etciuu.com, p.e.c. etciuusrl@pec.it (“ETCIUU”), is the owner of the website www.etciuu.com (the “Site”) and the “Etciuu” mobile device application (“App”), as well as the related platform. Through these Terms of Use, ETCIUU intends to regulate access and navigation on the Site by users (collectively, the “Users”; individually, the “User”).
The User, before accessing the Site and using the features therein, is invited to carefully read these Terms of Use.

The registration of an account on the ETCIUU platform through the App and the use of the related services is subject to additional and / or prevailing terms and conditions with respect to those provided below, published in the specific sections of the App (for example, the “Conditions General Contract for Users “).

  1. Navigation - registration and registration on the site as a user
    Browsing the Site is free. For any information relating to the use of your personal data or how ETCIUU processes your data, see the "Privacy Policy" and "Cookie Policy" sections.
  2. Industrial - intellectual property rights
    1. All content present and / or made available through the Site, such as texts, graphics, logos, images, audio files and / or video files, digital downloads, data collections, software, etc. are the exclusive property of ETCIUU or the Influencers, as better described in the General Terms and Conditions for Users, accessible through the App, in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS section, or their suppliers and are protected by the legislation on intellectual and industrial property .
    2. It is strictly forbidden to extract and / or systematically reuse all and / or part of the Site and / or its functions. By way of example, it is not allowed to use acquisition or extraction tools and / or devices to extract (one or more times) and / or to reuse any substantial part of any functionality of the Site or App, without express written consent, just as it is not allowed to create and / or publish a database that reproduces substantial parts (e.g. prices and product lists) of the Site, without the express written consent of ETCIUU.
    3. ETCIUU is the exclusive owner of the “ETCIUU” sign as well as the corresponding companies, trademarks and domain names and any other distinctive sign. The relative functionalities could be protected by one or more patents owned by ETCIUU itself or of which, in any case, ETCIUU is a licensee. For detailed information on ETCIUU's intellectual and / or industrial property rights, the User may contact the latter at the addresses set out in these Terms of Use.
  3. Third party activities - links - digital content transmitted by influencers
    1. While browsing the Site, there may be links that refer to the websites of subjects other than ETCIUU. ETCIUU is not responsible for the control or evaluation of these commercial operators, including the work of Influencers, or the content of their sites, nor does it offer guarantees on their sales proposals. ETCIUU cannot in any way be held responsible for the actions, products and content of any such person or any third party.
    2. More generally, the Site and the App may contain links to third party sites. ETCIUU therefore declines any responsibility in relation to the connection and content of said sites and warns Users that, whoever decides to visit a linked site, does so in total autonomy, thus assuming all liability arising, as well as the burden of adopting any caution against viruses or other destructive elements. The information, content and materials on third party sites are in no way previously verified and approved by ETCIUU and do not represent the opinions or values ​​of ETCIUU.
  4. The responsibility of etciuu
    1. If, due to service interruptions not dependent on ETCIUU, access to the Site is interrupted, errors in transmission occur, or access to its functions is occasionally suspended or limited to allow repair work to be carried out , maintenance, or the introduction of new activities or services, ETCIUU cannot be held responsible for: (i) losses that are not a consequence of the violation of these Terms of Use of the Site, (ii) for any loss of business opportunity and / or (iii) for any other direct and / or indirect or consequent loss that was not reasonably foreseeable, or in any case directly attributable to the actions and / or omissions of ETCIUU itself.
    2. ETCIUU cannot be held responsible for any delay and / or failure to fulfill the obligations under these Terms of Use of the Site if the delay and / or non-fulfillment derive from unforeseeable circumstances and / or force majeure.
  5. Contact customer service and complaints
    1. It is possible to request information, send communications, request assistance or submit complaints by contacting ETCIUU Customer Service ("Customer Service") through the dedicated form, referred to in the "Contact us" section in the footer of the Site, or with the following methods:
      • by e-mail: info@etciuu.com
      • by post, by writing to Customer Service - ETCIUU S.r.l., Via Colonnello Archimede Costadura n. 3, Lecce (LE), c.a.p. 73100.
    2. ETCIUU will endeavor to respond to complaints submitted within 5 (five) working days of receipt of the same or, in any case, as soon as possible.
  6. Changes to the service or changes in conditions
    1. ETCIUU reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Use of the Site at any time, including to offer new products and / or services or to comply with legal and regulatory provisions.
    2. The User is invited to download and keep these General Conditions of Use of the Site, which report the date and version of the same at the time of registration and / or use of a Tool and / or purchase of a Service from the influencer
  7. Applicable laws and competent court
    These General Conditions of Use of the Site are regulated and must be interpreted in accordance with Italian law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any dispute relating to these Terms of Use is the Court of Milan. ETCIUU, in any case, reminds you that for the purpose of purchasing Services from influencers through the App, the provisions of the General Contract Conditions for Users will be applied, accessible in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS section of the App


  1. Object

    1. These general terms and conditions ("General Terms and Conditions for Users" or "CGCU") govern the offer, through the "Etciuu" platform (the "Platform") owned by ETCIUU Srl (CF and VAT number 04966480750 ), with registered office in Via Colonello Archimede Costadura n. 3, Lecce (LE), post code 73100, REA LE - 331957, Share capital € 12,500.00 paid for € 10,000, tel [+39 02 49988295] email info@etciuu.com , PEC etciuusrl@pec.it . ("ETCIUU") and accessible online through the website www.etciuu.com(the "Site") and the "Etciuu" mobile device application (the "App"), by influencers (individually or collectively, "Influencers") of the services (individually "Service", collectively "Services") specifically indicated on the Platform as "offered" by Influencers.

    2. Services consist of the work performed by the Influencer in favor of the Users, against a consideration by the latter, and include, by way of example and not limited to: services that provide for the supply of digital content (" Digital Content "), such as (i) video-Chat lasting approximately 60 seconds, (ii) customized audio-messages, lasting approximately 10 seconds, (iii) customized video-messages lasting approximately 30 seconds, and others services, such as (iv) booking of events, (v) subscriptions for access to premium content and (iv) any other service, as visible in the Service Sheet referred to in point 5.2 below.

    3. ETCIUU is a mere supplier and technical manager of the Platform, therefore it is not part of the service contract between the user and the Influencer within the Platform.

    4. The offer and sale of Products and Services on the Platform constitutes a distance contract governed by Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 ("Consumer Code"), in particular art. 45 et seq., And by Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, n. 70, containing the regulation of electronic commerce.

    5. These General Terms and Conditions for Users apply to all contracts concluded by the Influencer through the Platform and do not apply to the sale of products and / or the offer of services on the Platform by third-party sellers other than Influencer. These GTCS are made available to the user in the "Account" section of the Platform, accessible by clicking on "Terms and Conditions", as well as at each stage of the purchase process. Any changes and / or new conditions will be effective from the moment of their publication in the aforementioned sections. Users are therefore required to access these pages and to consult, before making any purchase from the Influencer, the most updated version of these General Terms and Conditions for Users, which it is recommended to save and print.

    6. The applicable General Terms and Conditions for Users are those in force on the date the purchase order for a Service is sent and are available in Italian.

    7. However, it is understood that, before purchasing, the user must confirm that they have read these GTCS, which can be freely stored and reproduced even during the purchase procedure.

    8. Unless the law or these General Terms and Conditions for Users provide otherwise, the notification system of the Platform is the only means through which all communications between the Influencer and the user relating to the purchase of Services.

  2. Users who purchase on the Platform

    1. The purchase of the Services on the Platform takes place after registering with the Site or App, pursuant to the following art. 3, and is allowed both to users who have the quality of consumers, and to users who do not have this quality. Individuals are allowed to purchase only on condition that they are eighteen years old.

    2. Pursuant to art. 3, I comma, lett. a) of the Consumer Code, here to be understood as rewritten, it should be noted that individuals who, in relation to the purchase of the Services, act for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, professional or craft activity carried out are considered to be consumers.

  3. Registration on the Platform

    1. Purchases on the Platform are permitted upon creation of an ETCIUU account (“ETCIUU Account”), by registering on the Platform.

    2. The creation of an ETCIUU Account, as well as the download of the App, is free and can be carried out by users over the age of 14. It can be done by registering on the Site or App. To create an ETCIUU Account by registering on the Platform, the user must fill in the appropriate form, entering their name, surname, gender, date of birth, three personal interests, their e-mail, a password and click on the " Sign in". It is also possible for the user to create an ETCIUU Account using the data previously provided to different platforms and / or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using the appropriate Plug-In present on the Platform: in this way, the '' access to the Platform through the chosen social network, through which ETCIUU may, with the user's consent, obtain some data provided by the latter to the same social network.

    3. The creation of an ETCIUU Account allows the user to carry out the following activities directly through the Site or App, among other things:

      1. modification and updating of personal data;
      2. access to all information relating to orders;
      3. verification of the order status;
      4. use of dedicated services that may be activated from time to time;
      5. modification of consent to the processing of personal data for the sending by ETCIUU of thematic newsletters, marketing and profiling.

    4. In the event that the user has already registered on the Platform and has therefore already created an ETCIUU Account, he will be able to access it through the Site and the App, by entering the authentication credentials of the ETCIUU account already in your possession.

    5. The registration credentials (e-mail address and password) must be kept with extreme care and can only be used by the user. The user undertakes to immediately inform ETCIUU, if he suspects or becomes aware of an improper use or undue disclosure of his credentials.

    6. The registered user guarantees that the personal information provided during the registration procedure on the Platform is complete and truthful and undertakes to keep ETCIUU and the Influencer harmless and indemnified from any damage and / or compensation obligation and / or sanction deriving from and / or in any way connected to the violation by the user of the rules on registration on the Platform or on the conservation of registration credentials.

  4. Conclusion of the contract for the purchase of the Services

    1. To conclude the purchase contract for one or more Services on the Platform, the user must complete an order in electronic format and transmit it to the Influencer electronically via the Platform, following the instructions that will appear from time to time on the Site and / or on the App. Before proceeding with the transmission of the order, the user can identify and correct any data entry errors by following the instructions on the Platform, or change the order.

    2. By submitting the order, the user confirms the knowledge and full acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions for Users.

    3. The contract between the user and the Influencer is considered concluded when the order reaches the server that the Platform uses.

    4. Once the order has been correctly transmitted, the system will send the user an automatic e-mail confirming the order, which includes i) a summary of the general and particular conditions applicable to the contract, ii) information relating to the characteristics essential information of the Service purchased, iii) the detailed indication of the price, the means of payment used and any additional costs, iv) the information on the right of withdrawal and, in particular, at the bottom of the aforementioned e-mail, the standard instructions on withdrawal, if applicable.

    5. The Influencer reserves the right to refuse and / or cancel orders at its discretion. By way of example and not limited to, the Influencer may refuse or cancel orders that come (i) from a user with whom he has an ongoing legal dispute, (ii) from a user who has previously violated these GTCS and / or conditions and / or terms of the purchase agreement with the Influencer, (iii) by a user who has been involved in fraud of any kind and, in particular, in fraud relating to credit card payments, (iv) by users who have issued false, incomplete or in any case inaccurate identification data or that have not promptly sent ETCIUU and / or the Influencer the documents requested by the same as part of the procedure referred to in art. 9.2 below, or that they have sent him invalid documents.

    6. The order will be archived on the Platform for the time necessary to execute the purchase contract for the Product or Service and, in any case, in accordance with the law. In any case, the user will be able to access their orders through their personal area of ​​the Platform.

    7. Italian is the language of the transaction, as well as the language used for communications with Customer Service. ETCIUU has the right to provide communications in another language.

  5. Availability of Services

    1. The Services made available through the Platform by the Influencer are those indicated in the catalog published on the Site and on the App as "sold" by the Influencer.

    2. Each Service is accompanied by an information sheet that illustrates its main characteristics ("Service Sheet"). The Service Card will also contain information on the availability of each Service. It will be updated.

    3. If the Service is no longer available for the reasons indicated above or in other cases of supervening unavailability, the user will be informed via the automatic communication / notification system of the Platform. The user will therefore obtain a refund without undue delay and, in any case, within 14 working days of receipt of the order, of the total amount due ("Total Amount Due"). The refund amount will be communicated to the user through the system communication / notification of the platform and will be credited to the same payment method used by the user for the purchase. Any delays in crediting may depend on the bank and the type of credit card used.

  6. Product Information

    1. Each Service is accompanied by the so-called Service Card. The images and descriptions present on the Site and on the App reproduce as faithfully as possible the characteristics of the Services for sale. The images of the Service present in the Service Card may, however, differ from the Service in relation to any additional characteristics. These images must therefore be intended as indicative and with the tolerances of use. For the purposes of the purchase contract, the description of the Service contained in the Service Sheet and in the order form sent by the user will prevail.

    2. Each Service is accompanied by an information sheet that illustrates its main characteristics ("Service Sheet"). The Service Card will also contain information on the availability of each Service. It will be updated.

    3. It is understood, however, that ETCIUU is not responsible for any discrepancy of the Services from what is presented in the Service Sheet.

  7. Prices

    1. All the prices of the Services published on the Platform are expressed in Euros or other displayed currency and are understood to include the Value Added Tax.

    2. The Influencer reserves the right to change the price of the Services, at any time, without notice, it being understood that the price charged to the user will be the one indicated on the Platform at the time the order is placed and that it will not be held account of any changes (increase or decrease) subsequent to the transmission of the same. The price may, in any case, undergo changes even after the purchase in the event that the prices indicated on the Platform are, due to obvious clerical errors, objectively incompatible with the normal market prices of the Service.

    3. In the event that a Service is offered on the Platform at a discounted price, the full reference price against which the discount is calculated will be indicated in the Service Card. It is understood that the offer of services at discounted prices will be made only if the full reference price corresponds to the actual market price of the same. In the event that no indication is entered, it must be understood that the full reference price is the price at which the Service was previously offered for sale on the Platform.

  8. Purchase orders

    1. Without prejudice to the provisions of art. 4.5 above, the purchase contract is considered completed only upon payment of the total amount due. In case of non-payment of the sum, the order will be canceled and the user will be notified immediately.

    2. The Influencer will perform the Services only after receiving confirmation of the successful payment of the Total Amount Due.

  9. Methods of payment

    1. Payment for the Services purchased by the Influencer through the Platform can be made by credit card and / or other payment systems such as, but not limited to, Paypal and in-app purchase systems ("in-app purchases "), Which allow you to make purchases, without sharing any information concerning the chosen payment system with the Platform, by logging in through your cd account app store. For devices on which the iOS operating system is installed, see the information on the in-app purchase system at the link https://support.apple.com/it-it/HT202023. .

    2. Each Service is accompanied by an information sheet that illustrates its main characteristics ("Service Sheet"). The Service Card will also contain information on the availability of each Service. It will be updated.

    3. If the Service is no longer available for the reasons indicated above or in other cases of supervening unavailability, the user will be informed via the automatic communication / notification system of the Platform. The user will therefore obtain a refund without undue delay and, in any case, within 14 working days of receipt of the order, of the total amount due ("Total Amount Due"). The refund amount will be communicated to the user through the communication / notification system of the platform and will be credited to the same payment method used by the user for the purchase. Any delays in crediting may depend on the bank and the type of credit card used.

  10. Invoicing

    The invoice will be sent by the Influencer, at the request of the user, in PDF format. For the issuance of the invoice, the information provided by the user for this purpose will be valid, which he declares and guarantees to be true, releasing the Influencer and ETCIUU as broadly as possible in this regard.

  11. Delivery of Products and Services

    1. The provision of the Services purchased on the Platform is carried out by Italian Influencers and / or other EU Member States and / or third States, in Italy and in the European Union, as well as in any other country in the world, compatibly with the applicable regulations and with the exceptions determined from time to time by ETCIUU.

    2. The methods of performance, with the related terms and costs, are indicated in the Service Sheet or, at the latest in the cart and will, in any case, be visible before the user submits the order.

    3. The Service is understood to be provided when (i) the Digital Content is made available in the specific reserved section of the Platform, called "Purchases", accessible through the Site or the App, or (ii) if it is not a Content Digital, when the Influencer's fulfillment has taken place.

    4. The user acknowledges that receiving the Service is his specific obligation deriving from the purchase contract. Once the Influencer makes the Digital Content available in the user's reserved area, the latter has thirty days from the upload to view it and, if the contract stipulated with the Influencer provides for it, download it. The user will be informed of the uploading of the Digital Content with an e-mail, but it remains the user's responsibility to check that the upload has taken place on a daily basis.

    5. It is up to the user to verify that the provision of the Service has been performed in a workmanlike manner by the Influencer. The user must promptly inform ETCIUU, by e-mail, at the latest within 8-8 days from the first viewing or downloading of the Digital Content, of any discrepancies or deficiencies in the Service purchased compared to what is indicated in the Service Sheet.

    6. In the event that ETCIUU detects the existence of the aforementioned discrepancies or deficiencies in the Service, the user will obtain a refund without undue delay of the Total Amount Due. The refund amount will be communicated to the user through the communication / notification system of the Platform and will be credited to the same payment method used by the user for the purchase. Any delays in crediting may depend on the bank and the type of credit card used.

  12. Right of withdrawal

    1. The user who plays the role of consumer has the right to withdraw from the service purchase contract without having to provide any reasons and without having to incur costs other than those provided below, within the term of fourteen calendar days starting from the day of the conclusion of the contract between the user and the Influencer, i.e. from the receipt by the user of the e-mail referred to in point 4.5 above.

    2. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the user must inform the Influencer, before the expiry of the withdrawal period, of his decision to withdraw.

    3. To this end, the user can:
      1. use the standard withdrawal form made available to you on the Platform in the "Withdrawal" section, as well as reported at the bottom of the order confirmation e-mail referred to in point 4.4 above; or
      2. submit any other explicit declaration of your decision to withdraw from the contract.

    4. If the user withdraws from the contract, the Influencer will reimburse the Total Amount Due paid by the user for the Service, without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 calendar days from the day on which the Influencer has having been informed of the user's decision to withdraw from the contract. The refund will be made using the same payment method used by the buyer for the initial transaction; in any case, the user does not incur any costs as a result of this refund.

    5. In the event that the right of withdrawal has not been exercised in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation, it will not result in the termination of the contract and, consequently, will not give the right to any refund.

    6. The right of withdrawal is excluded in the case of downloading and / or viewing the Digital Content. By downloading and / or viewing, in fact, the user requests the start of the execution of the contract, even if it occurs before the expiry of the withdrawal period, and declares to be aware that he will lose the right of withdrawal. The user can, therefore, withdraw from the contract for the purchase of a Digital Content within 14 days from the conclusion of the contract, in the manner indicated above, but lose the right of withdrawal, in the event that, before the expiry of the period of withdrawal, to view and / or download the purchased Content.

    7. The right of withdrawal is also excluded in the case of services relating to free time activities, if the contract provides for a specific date or period of execution, such as booking events.

    8. In the event that, by applying one of the legal hypotheses, there are further cases in which the right of withdrawal does not apply, this exclusion will be specific and express communication in the Service Sheet and, in any case, during the purchase process, before the user proceeds with the transmission of the order.

  13. Provision of services in a workmanlike manner - Legal guarantee of conformity

    1. The Influencer provides the Services purchased by users through the Platform in a workmanlike manner, as well as in compliance with what is indicated in the Service Sheet. Some Services may be covered by the legal guarantee of conformity provided for in Articles. 128-135 of the Consumer Code ("Legal Guarantee"). The Influencer indicates in the Service Sheet the Services to which the legal guarantee of conformity applies.

    2. In particular, there is a lack of conformity when the Service purchased by the user is aimed at the production of a Digital Content and the latter is (i) not usable by the user because it is presented in a format other than the one promised, ( ii) does not conform to the description made by the Influencer, (iii) does not possess the promised qualities or the usual qualities and performances of a Digital Content of the same type, which the consumer can reasonably expect, also taking into account the statements made in the Service Sheet , and / or (iv) when it is not suitable for the particular use desired by the consumer and that it has been brought to the attention of the Influencer at the time of the conclusion of the contract and that the Influencer has accepted.

    3. In any case, any faults or malfunctions caused by accidental events or by the user's responsibility or by a use of the Service that does not conform to its intended use and / or to the provisions of the Form are excluded from the scope of the Legal Guarantee Service.

    4. In cases where the legal guarantee of conformity applies, the Influencer is liable to the user for any lack of conformity which occurs within two years of providing the Service. The lack of conformity must be reported to the Influencer, under penalty of forfeiture of the guarantee, within two months from the date on which it was discovered. In such cases, the user may request that the Service be provided again and in a workmanlike manner, or a reduction in the price or termination of the contract.

    5. The applicability of the ordinary legal remedies remains valid and, in particular, the remedies relating to the work contract referred to in Articles 2222 and ss. of the Civil Code, in cases where the legal guarantee of conformity provided for by the Consumer Code is not applicable.

  14. Limits on the use of Digital Content

    1. The user may use the Digital Content within the limits of the provisions of this article and in compliance with the specific information made available on the Site and on the App and in the Service Sheet. In case of discrepancy between these GTCS and the specific information or the Service Sheet, the latter will prevail.

    2. The Influencer remains the sole owner of the Digital Contents but, subject to the provisions of point 14.3 below, grants the user an irrevocable, non-exclusive, for consideration (upon payment of the Total Amount Due), perpetual license. , not transferable, throughout the European Union and, if the purchase is made in a third country, also in the territory of the latter, to reproduce the Digital Contents and for publication on social networks without commercial purposes by the User. The user may not modify, adapt the Digital Content, create derivative works, publish in different ways and on different channels and / or for commercial purposes and / or transmit and / or distribute and / or authorize other users of the Services and / or third parties to view, access, use, download, modify, adapt, reproduce, create derivative works, publish in any manner and / or transmit the Digital Content in any format and on any platform currently known or of future invention and / or use the Digital Content in any other way.

    3. The Influencer may further limit the use of the Digital Content by the user, granting the latter a non-exclusive license, for a maximum duration of 8 days, limited only to private viewing and / or reproduction, for purposes strictly personal data, of the Digital Content through the Platform, as well as with the express prohibition of (i) downloading and / or sharing it with other users and / or third parties, including, by way of example and not limited to, through social networks, and / or (ii) the display and / or reproduction through other software, applications and / or supports, and without prejudice to the additional limits set forth in art. 14.2 above. To this end, the user is invited to pay attention to the information contained in the Service Sheet before proceeding with the purchase of the Service.

    4. ETCIUU, which is not a party to the digital content purchase agreement between the user and the Influencer, is not responsible for the content of the same, over which it does not exercise any prior control. The user acknowledges that the responsibility for the content of the Digital Content lies exclusively with the Influencer. If, upon notification of the user and / or third parties, ETCIUU finds that one or more Digital Contents violate current legislation, including European legislation, and / or could cause damage to ETCIUU, users and / or third parties, it will be able to its sole discretion to remove such Digital Content in whole or in part, informing the user, unless ETCIUU has reason to believe that this communication: (a) may violate the law or the directives of an Authority and / or the rights of users and / or third parties; (b) may compromise an investigation and / or the correct use or functioning of the Platform; and / or (c) may cause damage to a user, the Influencer, third parties and / or ETCIUU. In this case, the Influencer will reimburse the user within 5 days of the Total Amount Due.

  15. Applicable law - Self-regulation code; Out-of-court settlement of disputes - Alternative Dispute Resolution / Online Dispute Resolution - Italian language

    1. These General Conditions of Contract for the User are governed by Italian law and subject to Italian jurisdiction. The service provision contract concluded through the Platform between the Influencer and the user is governed by Italian law and is subject to Italian jurisdiction

    2. The application to consumer users who do not have their habitual residence in Italy of any more favorable and mandatory provisions provided for by the law of the country in which they have their habitual residence, in particular in relation to the deadline for the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the methods and formalities of its communication and the legal guarantee of conformity.

    3. For any dispute that may arise, by way of example and not limited to, for the purposes of the interpretation, execution or termination of the contract for the provision of the Services and of the General Contract Conditions for Users, the Court of Milan is exclusively competent. Please note that, in the case of a consumer user, the court of the place where the user resides or has elected domicile is competent for any dispute relating to the application, execution and interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions for Users.

    4. The user residing in a Member State of the European Union other than Italy can also access, for any dispute relating to the application, execution and interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions for Users, to European procedure established for small claims by Regulation (EC) no. 861/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 11 July 2007, as amended by Regulation (EU) 2015/2421 provided that the value of the dispute does not exceed, excluding interest, rights and expenses, Euro 5,000.00 . The text of the regulation is available on the website www.eur-lex.europa.eu .

    5. Pursuant to art. 141-sexies, paragraph 3 of the Consumer Code, the Influencer informs the consumer-user that, in the event that he has submitted a complaint, following which it was not possible to resolve the dispute, the Influencer will provide the information regarding the Alternative Dispute Resolution body or bodies for the out-of-court resolution of disputes relating to obligations deriving from a contract concluded on the basis of these General Contract Conditions for Users (so-called ADR bodies, as indicated in Articles 141 et seq. Of the Consumer Code), specifying whether or not it intends to use these bodies to resolve the dispute.

    6. The Influencer also informs the user-consumer that a European platform has been established for the online resolution of consumer disputes (so-called ODR platform). The ODR platform is available at the following address http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/; the consumer user can consult the list of ADR bodies, find the link to the website of each of them and start an online resolution procedure for the dispute in which he is involved.

    7. In any case, the consumer's right to appeal to the competent ordinary judge for the dispute arising from these General Terms and Conditions for Users is reserved, whatever the outcome of the out-of-court settlement procedure, as well as the possibility, if the conditions are met, to promote an out-of-court resolution of disputes relating to consumer relations through recourse to the procedures referred to in Part V, Title II-bis of the Consumer Code.

    8. The GTCS are drawn up in Italian. Any translations into another language other than Italian constitute a courtesy version. Consequently, in the event of a conflict between the version in Italian and the version in another language, the former will also prevail for interpretation purposes.

    9. ETCIUU reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions for Users at any time, including to offer new products and / or services or to comply with legal and regulatory provisions.

 Information on the processing of personal data of website users

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Why this notice

Etciuu S.r.l. (hereinafter also the "Company" or "Owner") is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and wants you to feel safe both during the simple navigation of the site, and in case you decide to register by providing us with your personal data to use the services made available to its Users and / or Customers. On this page, the Company intends to provide some information on the processing of personal data relating to users who visit or consult the website accessible electronically from the address www.etciuu.com (the "Site"). The information is provided only for the website of Etciuu S.r.l. and not for other websites that may be consulted by the user via links (for which please refer to the respective privacy policies / policies). The reproduction or use of pages, materials and information contained within the Site, by any means and on any medium, is not permitted without the prior written consent of Etciuu S.r.l. Copying and / or printing is permitted for personal and non-commercial use only (for requests and clarifications, contact Etciuu S.r.l. at the addresses indicated below). Other uses of the contents, services and information on this site are not permitted.

With regard to the content offered and the information provided, Etciuu S.r.l. will ensure to keep the contents of the Site reasonably updated and revised, without offering any guarantee as to the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of the information provided, explicitly declining any responsibility for any omission errors in the information provided on the Site.

Origin - Navigation data

Etciuu S.r.l. informs that the personal data provided by you, and acquired at the same time as the request for information and / or contact, registration on the site and use of services via smartphone or any other tool used to access the Internet, as well as the data necessary for the provision of such services, including the data used for the possible purchase of the products and services offered by Etciuu Srl, but also the so-called data only of "navigation" of the site by Users, will be treated in compliance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data. The computer systems and software procedures used for the operation of this website acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of the Internet. This is information that is not collected to be associated with identified data subjects, but which by their very nature could, through processing and association with data held by third parties, allow users to be identified. This category of data includes the "IP addresses" or domain names of the computers used by users who connect to the Site, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the web server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the web server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operating system and the user's computer environment. These data are used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of the Site and to check the correct functioning of the Etciuu S.r.l. website. It should be noted that the aforementioned data could be used to ascertain responsibility in case of computer crimes against the site of Etciuu S.r.l. or to other sites connected or linked to it: except for this possibility, the data on web contacts do not persist for more than a few days.

Origin - Data provided by the user

Etciuu S.r.l. collects, stores and processes your personal data in order to provide the products and services offered on the Site, or for legal obligations. In relation to some specific Services, Products, Promotions, etc. Etciuu S.r.l. may also process your data for commercial purposes. In such cases, a specific, separate, optional and always revocable consent will be requested with the methods and at the addresses indicated below.

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails to the addresses indicated in the appropriate section of the Website, as well as the compilation of questionnaires (e.g. forms), communication via chat, push notification via APP, social network, call center, etc. ., involves the subsequent acquisition of some of your personal data, including those collected through the use of the Apps and related services, necessary to respond to requests. We also point out that when using the mobile connection to access digital content and services offered directly by Etciuu S.r.l. or by our Partners it may be necessary to transfer your personal data to such third parties. We point out that you could access the Site or connect to areas where you could be enabled to publish information using blogs or message boards, communicate with others, for example coming from the Etciuu S.r.l. page. on Facebook®, LinkedIn®, YouTube®, and other social networking sites, review products and offers and post comments or content. Before interacting with these areas, we invite you to carefully read the General Conditions of Use taking into account that, in certain circumstances, the information published can be viewed by anyone with access to the Internet and all the information you include in your publications can be read. , collected and used by third parties.

Purpose of the processing and legal basis

The data are processed for the following purposes:

  1. strictly connected and necessary for navigation on the website www.etciuu.com, to the services and / or Apps developed or made available by Etciuu Srl, to the use of the related information services, to the management of contact requests or information, for '' making purchases of products and services offered through the Company's website;
  2. for ancillary activities related to the management of User / Customer requests and the sending of feedback which may include the transmission of promotional material;
  3. related to the fulfillment of obligations under EU and national regulations, the protection of public order, the detection and prosecution of crimes;
  4. to manage the pre-contractual relationship connected to the services offered on the Site;
  5. for the collection, storage and processing of data for the purpose of statistical analysis in anonymous and / or aggregate form;
  6. direct marketing, i.e. sending advertising material, direct sales, carrying out market research or commercial communication of products and / or services offered by Etciuu S.r.l .; this activity may also concern products and services of Etciuu S.r.l. and be performed by sending advertising / information / promotional material and / or invitations to participate in initiatives, events and offers aimed at rewarding users / customers, carried out using "traditional" methods (by way of example, paper mail and / or operator calls), or through "automated" contact systems: by way of example SMS and / or messages through Instant Messaging Apps (eg. WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Telegram, etc.), telephone calls without intervention operator, e-mail, fax, interactive applications), pursuant to art. 130 c. 1 and 2 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 and subsequent amendments;

The provision of data for the purposes referred to in points 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5) connected to a pre-contractual and / or contractual phase or functional to a user request or provided for by a specific provision legislation, it is mandatory and, failing that, it will not be possible to receive information and access any services requested; with regard to point 6) of this Notice, the consent to the processing of data by the user / customer is instead free and optional and always revocable without consequences on the usability of the products and services except for the impossibility for Etciuu S.r.l. to keep users / customers updated on new initiatives or on particular promotions or advantages that may be available.

Etciuu S.r.l. may send commercial communications relating to products and / or services similar to those already provided, pursuant to Directive 2002/58 / EU, using the e-mail coordinates, or the paper ones, indicated by you on such occasions to which you can object with the methods and contact details indicated below.

Methods, processing logic, storage times and security measures

The processing is also carried out with the aid of electronic or automated means and is carried out by Etciuu S.r.l. and / or by third parties which the Company may use to store, manage and transmit the data. The data processing will be carried out with the logic of organization and processing of your personal data, also relating to the logs originating from the access and use of the services made available via the web, of the products and services used related to the purposes indicated above and, in any case, in a manner to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data. The personal data processed will be kept for the times provided for by the legislation in the applicable time.

Again with regard to data security, in the sections of the website set up for particular services, where personal data are requested from the navigator user, the data is encrypted using a security technology called Secure Sockets Layer, abbreviated to SSL. SSL technology encodes the information before it is exchanged via the Internet between the user's computer and the central systems of Etciuu S.r.l., making it incomprehensible to unauthorized persons and thus guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information transmitted.

With reference to the protection aspects of personal data, the user / customer is invited, pursuant to art. 33 of the GDPR to report to the Company any circumstances or events from which a potential "violation of personal data (Data Breach)" may arise in order to allow an immediate assessment and the adoption of any actions aimed at countering this event by sending a communication to privacy@etciuu.com or by contacting Customer Service. The measures adopted by Etciuu S.r.l. do not exempt the Customer from paying the necessary attention to the use, where required, of a password / PIN of adequate complexity, which he will have to update periodically, especially if he is concerned that they have been violated / known by third parties, as well as carefully guard and make inaccessible to third parties, in order to avoid improper and unauthorized use.

The security measures adopted, however, do not allow for the absolute exclusion of the risks of interception or compromise of personal data transmitted with telematic tools. It is therefore recommended to verify that the device used by the user is equipped with software systems suitable for the protection of the telematic transmission of data, both inbound and outbound (such as, for example, updated antivirus systems, firewalls and antispam filters ).


A cookie is a short string of text that is sent to your browser and, possibly, saved on your computer (alternatively on your smartphone / tablet or any other tool used to access the Internet); such sending generally occurs every time you visit a website. Etciuu S.r.l. uses cookies for various purposes, in order to offer you a fast and secure digital experience, for example, allowing you to keep the connection to the protected area active while browsing through the pages of the site.

The cookies stored on your terminal cannot be used to retrieve any data from your hard disk, transmit computer viruses or identify and use your e-mail address. Each cookie is unique in relation to the browser and device you use to access the Website or use the Etciuu S.r.l. App. Generally, the purpose of cookies is to improve the functioning of the website and the user's experience in using it, even if cookies can be used to send advertising messages (as specified below). For more information on what cookies are and how they work, you can consult the “All about cookies” website..

For detailed information on Cookies, read the dedicated page (Cookies Policy).

Areas of communication and data transfer

For the pursuit of the aforementioned purposes, we may communicate and have the personal data of users / customers processed in Italy and abroad by third parties with whom we have relationships, where these third parties provide services at our request. We will provide these third parties only with the information necessary to perform the requested services, taking all measures to protect your personal data. The data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area if this is necessary for the management of the contractual relationship. In this case, the recipients of the data will be subjected to protection and security obligations equivalent to those guaranteed by the Data Controller. In case of use of services offered directly by Partners we will provide only the data strictly necessary for their execution. In any case, only the data necessary for the pursuit of the intended purposes will be disclosed and the guarantees applicable to data transfers to third countries will be applied, where required, as provided for by Articles. 45-49 of the GDPR.

We may also disclose personal data to our commercial service providers, for marketing reasons, appointed as Data Processors for this purpose (Article 28 of the GDPR). Furthermore, personal data may be communicated to the competent public subjects and authorities for the purposes of compliance with regulatory obligations or to ascertain responsibility in the event of computer crimes against the site as well as communicated to, or allocated to, third parties (as Managers or, in the case of suppliers of electronic communication services, of independent owners), who provide IT and telematic services (eg: hosting, management and development of websites) and which the Company uses for the carrying out tasks and activities of a technical and organizational nature that are instrumental to the functioning of the website. The subjects belonging to the above categories operate as separate Data Controllers or as Managers appointed for this purpose by Etciuu S.r.l.

Personal data may also be known by the employees / consultants of the Company who are specifically trained and appointed as Authorized for processing.

The categories of recipients to whom the data may be communicated are available by contacting Etciuu S.r.l. at the addresses indicated below.

Rights of interested parties

As an interested party, you can exercise the rights recognized by Regulation 2016/679 / EU at any time, including:

  1. to access your personal data, obtaining evidence of the purposes pursued by the Data Controller, the categories of data involved, the recipients to whom they may be communicated, the applicable retention period, the existence of automated decision-making processes;
  2. to obtain without delay the correction of inaccurate personal data concerning you;
  3. to obtain, in the cases provided for, the cancellation of your data;
  4. to obtain the limitation of the treatment or to oppose the same, when possible;
  5. to request the portability of the data you have provided to Etciuu Srl, i.e. to receive them in a structured format, commonly used and readable by an automatic device, also to transmit such data to another owner, within the limits and with constraints provided for by art. 20 of the GDPR.

The above rights may be exercised with a written request to the Data Controller, by sending an e-mail message to the address privacy@etciuu.com. Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial appeal, the interested party has the right to lodge a complaint / report / appeal to the supervisory authority competent for the protection of personal data for any violation he deems to have suffered, which for Italy is the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, by e-mail to the e-mail addressgarante@gpdp.it, by fax 06 696773785, or by post to the following address: Guarantor for the protection of personal data, Piazza Venezia n. 11, Zip Code 00187, Rome.

For the treatments referred to in point 6) of the purposes, the Customer can always revoke the consent and exercise the right to object to direct marketing (in "traditional" and "automated" form). The opposition, in the absence of any indication to the contrary, will refer to both traditional and automated communications.

Data Controller

Data controller, pursuant to art. 4 of the GDPR, is ETCIUU S.r.l., with registered office in Via Colonnello Archimede Costadura n. 3 - 73100 Lecce, VAT number 04966480750, e-mail info@etciuu.com. The above rights may be exercised at the request of the interested party in addition to the methods set out above by contacting the Data Protection Officer (DPO) using the email dpo@etciuu.com. The use of the Website, including those intended for tablets and / or smartphones, by the Customer and / or the User implies full knowledge and acceptance of the content and any information included in this version of the information published by Etciuu S.r.l. when the site is accessed. The Company informs that this information can be changed without notice and therefore recommends a periodic reading.

This Privacy Policy was updated on 10 November 2020.


Dear User, to make navigation on our site easier and more intuitive we make use of cookies.

Cookies do not record any personal information of the user and any identifiable data will not be stored. If you want to disable the use of cookies it is necessary to customize the settings of your browser on the device in use by setting the cancellation of all cookies or activating a warning message when cookies are stored. To proceed without modifying the application of cookies, simply click on Ok on the Website banner.

What are cookies and what are they used for

A cookie is a text file that a website visited by the user sends to his terminal where it is stored before being re-transmitted to that site on a subsequent visit.

Cookies are distinguished:

  • based on the subject who installs them on the user’s terminal, depending on whether it is the same manager of the site that the user is visiting (so-called “first-party cookies”) or a different site, which installs cookies to through the first Site (so-called “third-party cookies“);
  • based on the purpose of each cookie: some of them allow the website that installed them to remember, for example, the preferences expressed by the user during navigation or to make a purchase or to authenticate (so-called “technical cookies””) , other cookies allow the Site that installed them to monitor the user’s navigation also for the purpose of sending advertising or offering services in line with the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the net (so-called “profiling cookies“). Only profiling cookies require the user’s prior consent to use them.
Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used for the sole purpose of “transmitting a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide such service”.

Technical cookies can be divided into:

  • navigation or session cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the Website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access restricted areas);
  • analytics cookies (eg Google Analytics), similar to technical cookies when used directly by the site manager to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site;
  • functional cookies, which allow the user to browse according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase, retrieval of login data, retrieval and display of the cart) in order to improve the service rendered to the same.

It should be noted in particular that the Google Analytics tool used on this website collects the IP address of visitors to provide an indication of their geographical location (IP geolocation). Google Analytics does not report information relating to the actual IP addresses of visitors. Due to the use of a method known as IP masking, Google Analytics communicates information so that only a part of the IP address is used for geolocation, rather than the entire address.

You can download the browser add-on for deactivating Google Analytics at this address. The add-on communicates to the Google Analytics JavaScript code (ga.js) to indicate that information about the visit to the Website should not be sent to Google Analytics. The browser add-on to deactivate Google Analytics does not prevent the information from being sent to the Website itself.

The consent of the interested party is not required for the use of technical cookies

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are designed to create user profiles and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user in the context of surfing the net.
No profiling cookies are used on this site.

Cookies to integrate third party software products and functions

This type of cookie integrates functions developed by third parties within the pages of the Site such as icons and preferences expressed in social networks in order to share the contents of the Site or for the use of third-party software services (such as software for generate maps and additional software offering additional services). These cookies are sent from third-party domains and from partner sites that offer their functionality on the pages of the Site.

Third-party service analysis cookies

These cookies are used in order to collect information on the use of the Site by users anonymously such as: pages visited, time spent, origins of the traffic of origin, geographical origin, age, gender and interests for the purpose of marketing campaigns . These cookies are sent from third-party domains external to the Site.

How to express consent to profiling cookies

During the first visit to the Site, the user can accept all cookies by carrying out one of the following actions: by clicking on the X or OK present in the banner or on any element of the page (image or link) outside the banner or by scrolling page; in addition, the user can not perform the actions described in the banner, access the extended information from it and deny consent to the installation of cookies by clicking on the appropriate link.

On subsequent visits to the Site (provided that the user has previously expressed their preference regarding the use of cookies, as indicated above), the user can access the extended information through the “Cookie Policy” button, which appears on each page of the Site, and deny consent to cookies in the manner indicated above. In any case, the user can deny consent to cookies through the browser settings, as described below.

Information pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation 2016/679 / EU

With respect to the information collected by the cookies installed directly from the Site, the Data Controller specifies the following:

  • data are collected only for the purposes and for the duration indicated in the following table and are processed electronically;
  • with regard to “technical” cookies, it is reiterated that their use does not require the user’s prior consent since they are cookies necessary to allow navigation within the Site and its proper functioning. In case of removal of technical cookies through the browser settings, navigation on the Site may not be, in whole or in part, possible;
  • the data collected by the first-party cookies may be communicated to subjects acting on behalf of the Data Controller as managers, designated or authorized to process, for purposes related to those described above. With respect to such data, the user can exercise the rights referred to in Regulation 2016/679 / EU, as indicated in the Information on the processing of personal data accessible via the “Privacy policy” link on the Website Homepage.

Finally, with reference to third-party cookies, please note that the purposes of these cookies, the logic underlying the related processing as well as the management of user preferences with respect to the cookies themselves are not determined and / or verified by the Data Controller but by the third party. which provides them, as a supplier and independent data controller.

Cookies used by the website www.etciuu.com

The Site, according to current legislation, is not required to seek consent for technical cookies, as they are necessary to provide the requested services.

For all other types of cookies, consent can be expressed by the User in one of the following ways:

  • through specific configurations of the browser used or the related computer programs used to navigate the pages that make up the Site;
  • by changing the settings in the use of third-party services.

Both of these solutions could prevent the user from using or viewing parts of the Site. By default, many browsers automatically allow the use of cookies, but also offer the possibility to control most of them, including the possibility to accept them or not and the procedure to eliminate them. For more information on controlling cookies, see the “Tools” section (or similar definition) of the browser. You can set the browser to receive a warning before accepting a cookie, having the possibility to decide whether to receive it or not. The User can also completely disable cookies.
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We use these cookies to make the use of the site easier for the user. Some common uses of cookies include the ability to save navigation preferences related to the language of use of the site.



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Technical and aggregate statistical cookies.

We use cookies to differentiate requests from different browsers and to save information on users' browsing anonymously.

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Information on third-party cookies

Third Party Websites and Services
The Site may contain links to other Web sites that have their own privacy policy which may be different from the one adopted by www.etciuu.com and therefore not responsible for these sites.

This information is not intended for use by minors. we understand the importance of protecting children's information, especially in an "online" environment, and we do not knowingly collect or process data from minors.

For any questions for clarification, please contact the site administrator at privacy@etciuu.com.